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My entry to My First Game Jam!

This is Jamrunner, a simple little runner game.  Little blue guy runs automatically.  Jump over logs and rocks to avoid getting splatted, and don't fall down!

Sets of platforms will randomly spawn ahead of you, with some coins to collect along the way.

If you collect 50 coins you win!

Game is still very simple but this was initially conceived during the 2 week "My First Game Jam", and is the first game I've made entirely on my own from scratch.

Controls (In Game):

Left Click / Space / Z = Jump

Right Click / Escape = Pause

Controls (Menu):

Up Arrow / Down Arrow = Navigate

Space / Enter = Accept

Left Click = Accept

Known issues:

- Hovering over a button with the mouse on the menu causes keyboard commands to stop working, though they work again upon loading new level or menu.

- Music may start awkwardly upon first loading into the game.

* 05/04/2021 UPDATE:
- Made game a standalone download due to poor HTML5 / browser performance (Windows only at the moment)

* 02/11/2021 UPDATE:

- Added keyboard support for menus (Main, pause, game over, victory screen)

- Game over screen now tells you how many coins you got last run.

- Refactored some code and redesigned platform segments.

- Randomized spawn points for coins and rocks.

- Slight adjustments to general feel / jumping.

- Some additional foliage parallax layers.

- An additional small explosion effect upon hitting a hazard or falling into a pit.

Still some things I'd like to fix and add, including additional modes / character select but did want to touch this up a little bit.  Enjoy!

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Tags2D, My First Game Jam, Pixel Art, Runner, Singleplayer


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I enjoyed the game, sometimes it was a little hard but it was pretty funny too!

I loved the art ^^

Thanks for trying it out!  I agree with the difficulty, I didn't get enough time during the game jam to really fine tune things but will try to work on it some more soon :)

Art and audio design is good, but the gameplay is boring.

Yeah there isn't much to this for sure.  I will certainly think about some more interesting mechanics / variety.
Thank you for giving it a shot.

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Just another coin runner game, but the megadrive music is very cute & kawaii XDXD.

This game should be more longer.

I have plans to extend your project:
- Main mode with 3 levels:

  • Level 1: Day, 50 Coins, Easy
  • Level 2: Evening, 100 Coins, Normal
  • Level 3: Night, 200 Coins, Hard

- Endless Mode

- Standalone version (as you planned).

I put it on you because I see potential for your game.